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Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR)

Thermal transfer printers work by applying heat to a ribbon made of wax or resin-based ink. The heat applied by the thermal print head melts that wax or resin onto the paper or label surface, creating your printed image. Below, we outline the properties of each ribbon type and which jobs they're best suited for.

What you use the labels for determines the strength and durability you need from your thermal transfer ribbon. Finding the right printing ribbon can be an important step in ensuring your labels are scanable, readable, and reliable. There are three broad categories available, each serving a different purpose. They are: full wax, wax/resin, and full resin which are subdivided as per your industry requirements and applications.

Standard Wax

Standard wax ribbon with excellent print quality, universal media adaptability and an affordable price. Standard Wax is used in the coding applications of fast growth industries including warehousing, logistics and internet sales. Unique back coating combined with lower energy requirements extend the performance and life of the print head.

Premium Wax

Premium Wax is a high performance premium wax ribbon with superb scratch resistance. Suitable for general printing applications where higher durability and readability are required, Premium Wax provides higher performance than standard wax ribbons. Competitive pricing offers a smart alternative to other premium wax ribbons.

Premium Wax has enhanced scratch resistance, excellent print quality and requires very low print energy. Due to the wide range of adaptability and high levels of performance, Premium Wax has become a dominant worldwide wax ribbon with universal industry approval. Premium Wax is the preferred choice of distributors and users of ribbons for meeting their needs today and well into the future.

Standard Wax Resin

Standard Wax Resin is an economical wax-resin ribbon that provides great print quality and scratch resistance on a wide range of print media. Low energy requirements and Backcoat technology extend the life of print heads in demanding wax-resin applications.

Premium Wax Resin

Premium Wax Resin is highest performning wax-resin ribbon with almost universal media adaptability. Enhanced scratch resistance properties make Premium Wax Resin ideal for many high abrasion applications where print can be scraped off. The unique properties of Premium Wax Resin will allow printing across a broad spectrum of energy and heat settings.

Premium Wax Resin provides sharp-edge print quality at low energy levels, and high print speeds of up to 10”/sec. It gives excellent print quality, especially on gloss papers and mirror- coated papers.


Standard Resin is a standard resin ribbon with high abrasion resistance. With superior resistance to abrasion, moisture and sunlight, Standard Resin is suitable for outdoor applications like horticulture and electrics . Economic price makes it more cost-effective in the category of resin ribbons.

Standard is a general purpose resin ribbon with outstanding scratch resistance. Resistance to moisture and sunlight make Standard Resin an excellent choice for outdoor and heavy abrasion applications. Standard Resin is a competitively priced alternative to other brand resin ribbons.

Premium Resin

Premium Resin is a high-powered resin ribbon with strong resistance to abrasion, scratch, water and dirt. Premium Resin also provides superior resistance to solvents and high temperatures. Premium Resin is an excellent choice for high temperature and other adverse environments.

Wash care

Designed for care labels. Due to improved sensitivity, high quality printing is possible at low energy levels. Excellent resistance to washing and dry cleaning, and can print of nylon taffeta, polyester satin, acetate satin, polyester taffeta etc

Wash care is a specialized Textile Resin Ribbon for Washing Labels with strong resistance to washing, detergent, ironing etc. fully meeting reuquiements of clothing and washing industry.

TTO wax resin ribbon for flexible packaging

Excellent print quality at all speeds up to 40 ips, highly compatible at various darkness/energy settings. Excellent sensitivity,High-speed printing(12"/sec), Extensive label adaptability, Excellent scratch resistance.

TTO resin ribbon for flexible packaging

IQ produces dark, black barcodes and images with superior print quality and durability in the most extreme labeling and coding applications. High- speed printing (24"/sec), Extensive film adaptability, Excellent resistance to scratch.

Exposure To



Light handling /scratching / abrasion


Moderate temperature changes



Medical applications /machines


Heavy handling/scratching / abrasion

Extreme temperature changes

UV exposure

Full Wax


Full Resin

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